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A Tap On The Shoulder

A Tap On The Shoulder

A real wake up call!

It’s funny how life does you sometimes. This is a really fun story!


The 3 C's in life: Choice, Chance, Change.

The 3 C’s in life: Choice, Chance, Change.




The Grass is Greener is an age old concept that more often than not is a completely misleading to the person being told it is greener somewhere else.

Bold Statement? No, Not really…..This is an implied if not overtly stated thought by those trying to sway “you” (“you” defined as anyone not engaged in whatever endeavor those trying to sway the “you” to embrace by switching the “you’s” focus from their present endeavor) to join the new endeavor.

HOWEVER, the Grass is Greener is most often just not the case!

The Grass is Greener WHERE YOU WATER IT! You have to stay the course of the endeavor you are engaged in!

A dear Friend of mine said it best, in reply to me advising her to continue by simply repeating what she had already accomplished and doing it again. This is how Super Success is attained, by focusing on your endeavor and simply doing what ever it took to be successful again and again thereby reaching far greater results.

THIS IS HER REPLY….and the reason I say she got it! The loss you will incur by changing is just simply not acceptable.

“You’re AMAZING !! This message is exactly what I needed ! You are straight to the point. Right to the fire. Yes, I’ve come too far to waste my time quitting now. What a nightmare giving up would be on my spirit ! That recovery would be way more long term, than pushing through this slump ! Thank you.” Kellie C. Miller

Folks, from my heart, with RAT condition……Please get it!

This 29 minute audio will get you started right, the aim is to get you qualified to get your first check by next wednesday!

Nothing more important than your partner

Nothing is more important than the partner you choose to help you get to the top!

Effective Ways to Build MLM Part Time http://deagingtreatment.com/

MLM Nation Interviews Ron Forrester

MLM Nation Interviews Ron Forrester.

To listen to full training and interview with Ron Forrester , go to http://goo.gl/ZWUqEU

Ron Forrester shares why being part time in MLM is often better than going full time. Includes tips and strategies and best network marketing prospecting tools

Who is Ron Forrester?

Ron Forrester is an internationally known and respected Network Marketing Author, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker, who has been featured in many industry publications.

He has been a Network Marketing Professional for 30 years as a Full Time distributor.

He started as a spare time associate in 1980 while working as a Pharmacist, Ron built his first organization to producing an income that was multiples of his pharmacist annual income, and as he likes to say it…. at 36 years old he was able to retire forever from corporate America.

Ron has been the Number One associate for three companies, and in the top 15 in two more. Currently he and his wife Leslie Hocker are the #2 earners in Nerium International. http://deagingtreatment.com/

Ron loves the industry and can never see himself retired…

Recently Ron and Leslie earned … a BONUS of $50,000,00, a BONUS of $150,000.00, a BONUS $375,000.00, and just last month earned another at $750,000.00 over and above their annual earnings of over $1,100,000.00!

Favorite Quote

“Never, never, never give up!” (Winston Churchill)

“Master the Mundane” (Jeff Olson)

Must Read Book

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Recommended Online App

Dropbox, Bitly, WordPress

Recommended Prospecting Tool

Before and After Pictures and the Company magazine (especially as first exposure)

Contact Info


email: houstonbizopp@gmail.com

phone: 281-806-0395

The 3 C's in life: Choice, Chance, Change.

The 3 C’s in life: Choice, Chance, Change.

Nothing more important than your partner

Nothing is more important than the partner you choose to help you get to the top!

The Stairs to Success

There is NO elevator to success. You have to take the stairs!

Ayear from now you will wish you had started today!

A year from now you will wish you had started today!

Who Wants to Make Money? One of the Top Earners In Nerium International Tell you how!

YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS! And tailor your life for the best results because this concept is crucial to success!

”Life is a participation sport, and there are no practice games…you’re either swinging for the fence or you‘re sitting on the bench. You have to put yourself in the game, no-one else can do that for you!” by Ron Forrester

The audio recording below is just 14 minutes and 34 seconds, recorded by my partner one of the top money earners in Nerium – Leslie Hocker – and incorporating testimonials from many others and Can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

One of the Top Earners in Nerium International

Last 12 months Earnings! May/2014 till April/2015

YOU WILL KNOW in just 14 minutes and 34 seconds WHY NERIUM – WHY NOW! The pictures below prove how we are doing it! EVERYBODY wants our product!

Leslie and I are launching ourselves again!! We are doing again what we have already done!

Which is why NOW is the TIME for YOU!

Work with one of the top money earners in Nerium! Reach us at houstonbizopp@gmail.com

Over the past 3.5 years we have helped over 50 people get a $50,000.00 Bonus up to a $375,000.00 bonus over and above their commission earnings.


Bonus for ranking to International Marketing Director

$750,000.00 AND another $50,000.00

Right now, the first 20 SERIOUS people to leave their info and connect with us will be in on that kind of earnings just by following a simple system!

ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE 20? We will also be sending out testors of the product for each of those 20 to see the difference on their own skin! (you have to send us a before picture before we send the product out – we want real results here!)

Partner with us and live the life you dream of – the life you deserve! NOW! Listen to the 14 minutes and 34 seconds!

Then watch the 8 minute video recorded by none other than Jeff Olson – The Millionaire Maker – Founder and CEO of Nerium will tell you where Nerium is going just this year!

Powerful Information that can change your life, when you TAKE ACTION!

Fill your information in the form below, be sure to put in the comments what you like the best about what you hear and see! (I really want to know!) You can also reach us at houstonbizopp@gmail.com

‘Nuff said!

WHY NERIUM? WHY NOW? By One of the top Money earner in Nerium International!

Watch this short video to see where we are going!

Great 6 weeks

Cori 12 days

Great 21 days results on loose skin

Great 21 day results on appearance of Cellulite and loose skin.

10 days Emily

Leslie Before and After 15 days

Scott Myrick  15 months  of night and 8 months of day and night

Paul 90 days


Another satisfied client

Larry  forehead before and After 10 days

2.5 years Before and After results!

2,5 years between Pictures

You can also reach us at houstonbizopp@gmail.com Phone: 281-806-0395

Senior Director Training Call with Leslie Hocker and Ron Forrester

This Senior Director Training call is a powerful training for the first Leadership Position in Nerium. Delivered by two experienced professionals in Relationship Marketing that keeps it simple.

Live interview of Ron and Leslie by r
Relationship Icon, KC Townes.

Very powerful Interview and revels how to be successful n Relationship Marketing.

(click on the audio post arrow to start)


Nerium IS The Best Home Based Business Opportunity Ever is an audio post, click on the arrow to listen to a short 15 minutes of information on the best home based business opportunity ever!

Now for some really good video info.. go here: http://bestsculptinglotion.com/  for results like this:

Nerium Firm Before and After 52 days

NeriumFirm Results for 52 days!







Midriff Loose Skin

Guys Midriff Loose Skin













NeriumFirm 30 days

NeriumFirm for 30 days


Embedded image permalink











NeriumFirm Back 7 days

NeriumFirm Back before and after 7 days.













Great 21 days results on loose skin

Great 21 day results on appearance of Cellulite and loose skin.

4 months of Nerium

4 months of Nerium, Imagine what it will do for you!

A Discoloration REsult!

7 days of Nerium! Amazing on Discoloration!

Look! After 2.5 years of Nerium!

Ron and Lelsie 2.5 years of using Nerium!

Connie 17 days of Nerium

Connie 17 days of Nerium

Erin 90 Days of Nerium

Erin 90 days of Nerium

Leslie Before and After 15 days!

Leslie Before and After 15 days!

Patti Pores Shrunk in 21 days

Patti Pores Shrunk in 21 days!

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