Our Nerium Family hit the ball out of the park for a Grand SLam in November…NOW is the time to take action to make December a month to Remember! Those new people will EXPLODE your business if you take the PROPER action NOW, NOT TOMORROW! Our personal business has given us such a great reward BECAUSE we took the PROPER action with each of our personal enrollees!

WHAT is that Proper action? To help each and everyone of your NEW STARTS to Fast Start Qualify! Start the process now! December will set up a huge income for you when you take action now!

You must take the time now to go through the two pages of the Launch Your Business worksheet and connect each of them to our communications platform with the third sheet which is the Connect Sheet. Go to your backoffice and download several copies of each document then Meet with your NEW START to complete the 5 steps on the Launch Sheet and connect them with the connect sheet numbers. YOU do it!

To learn how to do it properly you can go to my channel and watch how to do it….  1) watch this video first ….. which is How to get someone started right. and

then watch this one…… which is how to get someone who is not doing anything reactivated.

These videos are a combined 13 minutes and 35 seconds…They are GOLD in your pocket!

The more you do the processes described in those two videos the more you will grow, the bigger your checks will get! The more you teach your people to engage these processes the more you will be the hero!

Wishing you success and happiness!

Coach Ron